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A Backup! A Backup! My Kingdom for a Backup! « Free Tips DOT COZA

A Backup! A Backup! My Kingdom for a Backup!


Posted on 20th May 2008 by Tony in Free Tip

OK, so maybe this is a bit dramatic, but I quite nicely deleted my entire blog by mistake. Backup is kaput; non-functional; finis. As in dead.

So we’ve lost all our past ramblings … how frustrating. Even my passionate plea to the horrid French to leave my pizza alone. All gone!

I suppose it’s a great way to get started again! To start things fresh, I’ve commissioned CrushLabs to create a new theme for my blog that will fit in with my corporate image. Courtney, if you’re reading this – Hello!

The last two months have been an absolute whirlwind – but boy has it been fun! I will definitely be keeping everyone up to date with some of the developments! For one, I was fortunate to have some air-time with Leila Smith of Voice of the Cape Radio – and boy is that fun!

Since it’s about 3am here in good old Cape Town, I thinik it’s time to turn in.

So, my free tip for today: Keep Backups!!!

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