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Give your website real credibility… « Free Tips DOT COZA

Give your website real credibility…


Posted on 3rd June 2008 by Tony in Uncategorized

One of the hardest things to do online is build credibility. The reason is that people don’t get to see you. They don’t have a shop to visit and they don’t have a real person/face to complain to when things go wrong. People want to know that if they buy from you they’re covered.

So, talking about credibility … picture this:

You’re invited to a party and there’s a guy walking around shaking people’s hands and declaring “Hi there, my name is Ben. I’m the best dentist in the city.” And he’s going around to every person with the same message, “Hi there, my name is Ben. I’m the best dentist in the city.”

What would your impression be? “Oh man! Who invited that guy!”

But let’s turn things around, shall we. Picture Ben standing in the corner, sipping wine chatting to one or two people. The person you’re talking to says, ‘Hey, have you met Ben yet? He’s the best dentist I’ve ever seen. I had a root-canal done and didn’t feel a thing!’

Would that change your perception of Ben? It sure would in my books. In fact, I’d probably walk over and ask for his card…

So why are we doing the same thing on our websites? Why are we covering it with facts and figures about us? Why are we blaring our achievements out there? It’s the same thing as walking around the party telling everyone how great you are.

So how do you build credibility online? Well, the answer is easier than you think!

Ask for referrals! If people buy from you, or interact with you in anyway, don’t be shy to ask for a referral. People will be happy to do so (they’ve just bought from you and are in a happy place so get them to say happy things!)

And then place them on your website!

Happy Hunting!


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