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Dinner with friends… « Free Tips DOT COZA

Dinner with friends…


Posted on 10th July 2008 by Tony in Thoughts

I had dinner at Primi Piatti in Table View last night with two new friends. It was not just an opportunity to get to know each other, but also share our passions, dreams and visions.

Last night taught me two things:

  1. Actually speaking my dreams and passions allows me to solidify it in my head.
  2. Telling others about my dreams and passions holds me accountable to them.

The whole experience was exciting. I left the restaurant feeling pumped and ready to do more, achieve more, tackle more. Building each other up is so important!

In the United States they have “MIT Dinners”. The MIT stands for Millionaires in Training, and each group has AT LEAST one millionaire in it. The idea is simple: Get together once a month sharing dreams, strategies, visions, building each other up and encouraging others through the bad times.

I belong to a similar group in South Africa. We call it the Super8 team (I’ll talk about that another time), but the concept is the same.

The question is: Who are we hanging out with? Are the people we spend out time with building us up? Or breaking us down? Are we hanging around with Millionaires?

I got a ticket for tomorrow’s breakfast with Robert Kiyosaki and am rather excited about it! Watch this space!


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