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Work when you cannot.

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Posted on 13th September 2008 by Tony in Thoughts

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OK, I have the flu. I really feel terrible. Especially because it is an amazing day today. My bedroom opens up with a view of Table Mountain and the ocean … and I’d rather be surfing with mates than lying in bed feeling sorry for myself.

But I thought I should tell you what just happened: I got paid US$505 (R4120.79) while I was sick. (this is towards my mac-mini fund)

I’ve been reading a few comments in business forums lately, about how it’s impossible to have an internet business and make money. Well boo-hoo to you.

OK, I feel like trash, but I thought I should at least let you know that if you’re building an Internet Business, don’t give up!!! So I’m back to bed … maybe I’ll wake up with another R4000!


PS Does anyone know why they make the TigerBalm tins so airtight? I can’t get the fandangled thing open! GGGRRR

  1. Frieda says:

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    13th September 2008 at 9:48 pm

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