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Technology – is it a curse? « Free Tips DOT COZA

Technology – is it a curse?


Posted on 12th October 2008 by Tony in Thoughts

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I have just returned from a trip to Durban and Johannesburg. The Joburg trip was for business and the Durban trip – 3 days to chill out and forget about the world … but that didn’t happen.

Which makes me wonder … is technology just a curse? Maybe I should have left my laptop and cellphone behind but I simply could not relax while I was away. I was checking emails every 2 or 3 hours and the office numbers were diverted to my cellphone (stupid answering service wasn’t working and I didn’t want clients left wondering).

And then you get the clients who phone you and ask if they can speak to you … and you say “no, I’m actually occupied until Monday” and then they say “but this will only take a minute” and it doesn’t – it takes 30. And if you get persistent and near-rude with them they end up cancelling contracts because you’re not available when THEY need you (would be nice if they would PAY you when you need them to!)

So I have returned from my first REAL relax (only 3 days!) since 2001 … more stressed than when I left.

From tomorrow I am going to restructure my business a little – I’m going to be ├╝ber-selective of my clients (maybe fire a few trouble makers).

But here’s my thought: if you’re going to run an online business … plan properly … or your clients think they have the right to disturb you 24/7/365 …

Technology can be a real blessing … but at the moment … it’s a curse!

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