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Consistency – such a bad little word. « Free Tips DOT COZA

Consistency – such a bad little word.


Posted on 20th October 2008 by Tony in Free Tip


Have you ever wondered why some people are better at doing things than others? There’s only so much we can write off to personal talent … but why are some people simply brilliant at what they do.

I’ve been thinking about that. Well, I think a lot – it’s what I do. I think it boils down to consistency, and let me explain:

Ryk Neethling is arguably one of the top swimmers in South Africa (let’s ignore his Beijing record for now). He is who he is because, according to his website, he swims 6 hours a day. Every day. When I met Marianne Kriel she told me a similar story. To shave off mere splits-seconds on her time she had to spend hours and hours in the pool.

Then there is me. I am currently overweight because I did a lot of bad things … with much consistency. It wasn’t the result of one mega 22kg burger. It was eating incorrectly and not exercising for a period of time, which lead to a bad immune system, insulin resistance and a host of other things that resulted in me being overweight.

If I want to be thin/fit/healthy I have to start doing good things … every day a little bit until the good things add up.

It’s the same with your business … especially an online business … if you want to succeed, do all the right stuff on a daily basis and things add up. Simple.

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