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I deserve an award or something… « Free Tips DOT COZA

I deserve an award or something…


Posted on 24th December 2008 by Tony in Thoughts

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I think I deserve an award for 2008: The World’s Worst Blogger. Or perhaps the most infrequent blogger. Or something. I just think I want an award 🙂

Look, don’t get me wrong … when it comes to talking you generally can’t get me to stop, I love it…I’ll talk the hind and front legs off a donkey. It’s just that when I blog it feels like it’s me talking into the nothingness. And then there’s the adage: If you don’t have anything valuable to say, shut up. OK, maybe even that is paraphrased.

But my plan for 2009 is to be a more frequent blogger. I’ve even programmed it into my iPhone. Every morning, say something. HaHa Let’s see how long that lasts. It’s like that with all New Years Resolutions. None of them ever last.

And maybe it’s because we do it the wrong time of the year? The Taxman says the New Year is actually 1 March, although that’s voluntary and you can change it. The Jews and Muslims have their own point of view. And the Chinese are sometime mid-Jan, I believe. Talk about confusing.

So what does New Year mean to everyone? A time to get totally schlosshed. I gave up alcohol so that’s going to be difficult. A time to reflect on the past and prepare for the future? That sounds sensible. But who of us actually put our plans into practise?

Which, when you come to the gist of it all … is exactly that. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the fact that successful people take action.

I was speaking to a friend once about my weight issue (which is something that seriously bugs me) … and said: Man, I wish I had Ryk Neethling’s physique. To which he replied: Oh that’s easy: Just swim 6 hours a day for a few years. Guffaw!

It’s like that with anything, I suppose. If you want to achieve anything worthwhile, do the right things over and over again until you achieve success. If you want to lose weight, eat properly and exercise 1 hour a day. If you want to have money, work at your business consistently.

But then there’s a tipping point … knowing when to stop … I mean, how do you know you’re going in the right direction. Where’s the balance between sanity and madness? Today you get coaches for everything: Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Business Mentors. The world is full of them. Then how do you choose the right one? AARGH!

So here’s my thought:

If you’re going to choose a life-coach, be nosey about their lives first. Are they happy? Successful? Are they making loads of money? In the words of Doctor Phil: Are they living their Authentic Selves? Because it seems you can get a Life Coach certificate in a lucky packet these days, so choose wisely. If you’re looking for a worthwhile (really successful and awesome) Life Coach, then visit Kate Emmerson’s site, www.life-coaching.co.za She’s also embraced the Online World, so it doesn’t matter where you are, she can help.

If you’re going to choose a personal trainer, find someone that you understand and can get along with. My mistake, in the past, was find someone that I want to look like. If you’re going to find a personal trainer, I thought, then get one to emulate. Mmmmh. Big Mistake. My take on this now is: Find someone that’s been where you are. Because if you’re 45kg overweight, you need a Personal Trainer that understands what that’s like. You need to have a PT that understands your limitations, frustrations, guilt, mindset.

And the same goes with Business Mentors. There are three types of business mentors.

1) People who are broke and become business mentors so they can live off the monthly fee they charge you. They’ve never run a successful business in their lives before, except being a business mentor, but they are changing their client-base very quickly – because most of their clients are broke.

2) Option 2 I call the Academic Eggheads. Their brains are filled with textbooks. They invariably have a degree in business or marketing or (wait for it!) an MBA. This, apparently makes them the expert and you the idiot. They are also usually broke. The only difference between them and Option 1 is the fact that they charge you a heck of a lot more for their “knowledge”.

3) Option 3 is the people who are successful in business and understand that success comes in teaching others. These are the guys you want to hook up with. Some of the guys (like Bruce Muzik and Hannes Dreyer) run formal mentorship programs. Others are more informal, like having lunch with them once a month.

I am amazed by the number of Online Marketing Experts you now find purveying the web. These so-called experts (who usually fall into group 1 and 2) who make their money selling you their “program” to internet success, but have never done it themselves. It’s plain, flipping scary!

I have decided to turn 2009 on it’s ear … On a whole lot of levels.

  • On a Spiritual Level I want to draw closer to God.
  • On a Physical Level I want to shed a few pounds, find a new sport/hobby, and have some more fun.
  • On a Business Level I want to take my coaching program further …

And a few other things I’d rather keep to myself! 😉

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