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Coffee Shop Life


Posted on 26th February 2009 by Tony in Thoughts

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I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Cresta Mall – in Jozi City, drinking coffee and wondering what am I doing in Johannesburg? Why would anyone live in this city? The roads are terrible (who needs lanes?) and the drivers are remarkably unfriendly.

But I must say the people here are incredibly hospitable. I have an African waitress looking after me…and never have I experienced such a friendly smile in Cape Town. She’s not intrusive (she doesn’t listen into my conversations!) but when I need someone, she’s right there.

The thing is … this isn’t an isolated incident! Service in Johannesburg is amazing.

And then there’s the weather. Joburg weather borders on heavenly. Or at least it’s been like this the last two days. Apparently they’ve been experiencing near Noah-Like floods here, while we in Cape Town have been experiencing a bit of hell, fire and brimstone, if you’ll let me warp that metaphor.

It’s interesting to me because I live my life in a very Cape Town context. We speak our own English (Capetownese?) and do things on our own time. And heaven forbid we expect a waiter to actually work for his tip.

But then again, it’s been only 24 hours and I’m already pining for Cape Town. For my afternoon stroll on Blouberg Beach and the fresh salty air off the ocean at sunset. The way I see it … joburgers can keep their friendly service, great weather and stacks of money … but like Laurika Rauch sings … there’s nothing as wonderful as Bloubergstrand.

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