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Cheat to get ahead …


Posted on 16th March 2009 by Tony in Free Tip

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Technology, I am told, is supposed to speed things up and make my life a little easier. Well, I’m not so sure about that. It feels like I’m constantly busy at something … only to find at the end of the day I haven’t really achieved much.

OK, so I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of “the four hour workweek” by Timothy Ferris. This is the guy who had reduced his entire workload to only 4 hours per week – before the age of 30. Now that’s not bad going.

Here are my thoughts this week:

1. If I keep doing the same thing over and over I cannot expect different results. If I want to earn $10 000/month I need to take certain concrete steps to move in that direction. It’s halfway through March already. April is a terribly short month. What am I doing to make 2009 different from 2008? And what are you doing?
2. Achieving big goals can be daunting. I’ve realised that big goals are reached by taking small steps. My month is divided up into weekly tasks and weekly tasks are divided up into daily tasks. Just do the job for THAT DAY and you’ll be making progress.
3. Allow yourself a pat on the back. It’s easy to criticize when I fail but it’s amazing how difficult it is for me to say “Well done, Tony!”

I think there are two things that separate the big boys from the everyday workers. Firstly, Big Boys know the rules of the game. Some people don’t even know what game they’re playing. And learning the rules of the game is not that difficult. Simply pop down to a library or bookstore. Start with books like Four Hour Workweek (Timothy Ferris) and Rich Dad, Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki).

Secondly, Big Boys know that they don’t know everything. This means they ask for help. If you want to move forward “employ” an expert. Find a life-coach or a mentor somewhere.

At school asking for help is considered “cheating” but in the real world it’s the only way to move forward!

Happy Hunting


P.S. I’m busy editing my seminar onto a DVD series so people from all over the world can now learn from Internet Marketing 101! This is going to be fun!

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