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96% of businesses die in 5 years. Get a doctor! « Free Tips DOT COZA

96% of businesses die in 5 years. Get a doctor!


Posted on 19th March 2009 by Tony in Business Advice

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You know there’s danger to just letting the wind blow. I figured this out today while trying to sort out some work. Stick with me here … I’m trying to put together a new business system, basically tying up all my little ideas into one great kick-ass idea.

But I failed again … because I didn’t have a PLAN. My friend Bettina wrapped me over the knuckles for not being “congruent” whatever the heck that means. Gets me thinking…

If I look out of my office window I see the ocean, heavy waves beating all over the show. Storms-a-comin.

Well if you haven’t noticed the world is in one serious storm right about now. Some people are struggling to make ends meet and some people have started praying to Tito Mboweni to drop the interest rates some more.

Another rabbit-trail.

Alice (in Wonderland) comes to a fork in a road. She sees a cat sitting in a tree and says “which way should I go?” The cat says “Where do you want to go?” Alice responds “I don’t know”. The cat says: “Then any road will get you there.

See, and this is my point. 96% of business will die in the first 5 years – and I think it’s because everyone is focused on making money. They’re not focused on vision and mission. What is the company for? What do we represent? What is our plan and where do we want to go?

Actions plans. They’re so important and yet most of us are just paying the bills. Which is why it was so great to talk to Bettina today. You see, I think of her as my Business Doctor. When the business is sick she comes in and tells me what’s wrong and prescribes some medication (usually a kick up the pants to work more efficiently).

I suggest everyone gets a business doctor. The first thing Bettina will do is evaluate your business. She calls it a “BPR” – it’s like CPR for a business – and then an action plan to follow.

Stupid me. I did this in August 2008 and it’s only dawned on me now that if I want the business to get better I need to take the medication.

And if you’re in my position where business isn’t really dying, you may consider a BPR anyway … my idea is to turn my business into a super-athlete, so let Bettina give it a shot in the @$$.

Bettina Horvath’s website is http://www.salespartnerscape.co.za/

DO IT NOW! It’ll save you loads of heart-ache.

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