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Changing Servers is a little like changing diapers « Free Tips DOT COZA

Changing Servers is a little like changing diapers


Posted on 18th April 2009 by Tony in Random

If you’re a regular visitor to freetips.co.za you may notice things are looking a little differently. I first thought I should compare it to changing house…you know, a few boxes lying all over the place until you figure out where things should go.

But I think a more apt description is to compare it to changing diapers. The main reason a person changes diapers is because baby is a little stinky and pooped all over the place. My blog is my baby (which sadly gets left alone to fend for itself far too often).

It was hosted in the UK on a server that just didn’t cope and there was more and more poop all over the show. So I realised I needed to change the diapers, get rid of some unwanted poop and clean up a little.

Keep an eye on the blog. As I figure my way out around the blog I’m sure you’ll appreciate the changes.


PS – thanks ChrisM for helping me find this cool theme.

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