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If life is a game, do you know the rules? « Free Tips DOT COZA

If life is a game, do you know the rules?


Posted on 12th June 2009 by Tony in Business Advice

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I’ve been listening to an Audio CD by Blair Singer called “Little Voice Management” and he often makes references to playing the game.

Everyone is playing a game. The banks have the objective to bankrupt you (they have no desire to see you save or succeed in your business). My Managing Agent (who rent out my properties) has the objective of making sure enough damage is inflicted on my property to send out the repair team (run my her husband) and to make sure the tenant is decent enough for her to collect her collection fee every month.

So what is your objective in the game? What is mine? And do you even know the rules of the game?

I’ll admit. I thought I knew the rules. But I’d been given an outdated copy of the rule book. In my book things like honesty and integrity made sense. Let me tell you, my experience of the banks the last two weeks have nothing honest about them.

This has made me realise. I need to know the rules. I also need a Coach. If you want to excel at a sport, you get yourself a good coach, right?

So that’s exactly what I’m doing. Learning the rules.

My first session with my Business Coach is on Tuesday afternoon. I’ll keep you posted.

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