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I took a Benylin Day

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Posted on 25th June 2009 by Tony in Business Advice

Today I took a Benylin Day. If you don’t know what that is … it’s a sick day. A day off. I woke up this morning with such a huge headache I simply couldn’t think straight. And then my friend, Marcel, pointed out to me … talk about brand marketing!

Benylin is a well-known cough-syrup all over and I know they’ve been running a campaign in Canada and the UK as well as South Africa.

I think what has made this campaign so astounding for me is the fact that it’s entered day-to-day nomenclature. People simply don’t talk about Sick Days anymore. They talk about Benylin Days.

I suppose the same goes for quite a few industries. Everyone in the UK talks about hoovering their house, even though Dyson remains the top selling brand of vacuum cleaners in the UK. People don’t search online anymore, they google. (and will we be bing’ing soon?)

I suppose it’s what we can call the “Power Postion”. So the question is, how do we get there?

Last week I attended a short presentation, given by SalesPartners Regional Developer Bettina Horvath on the levels of business.

From this talk I learnt that a business needs to go from Invisible->Emergence->Chaos->Stabile->Abundance->Power.

If you try and skip a step you’re sure to fall flat on your face (and I’ve certainly done that a few times!)

So, the first thing I had to do was realise where I am and move from there. (I’m in the cross-over between Invisible and Emergence, if you want to know) – which means soon I’ll be heading into Chaos.

Wow – who would have thought that marketing and business was this simple! If you know the roadmap things start falling into place.

I will be trailing my success and failures here!

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