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I know why General Motors went Bang. « Free Tips DOT COZA

I know why General Motors went Bang.

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Posted on 30th June 2009 by Tony in Business Advice

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I know exactly why General Motors went Bang. And Crysler. And maybe even Ford. It’s the Accountants you see. They make you use Pastel. On a PC.

Every month I am supposed to invoice all my clients. Most small business operators love writing out invoices because it means they get money. It’s almost like a measure of your success for the month. I just hate it.

The main reason is that my bookkeeper and my accountant insist that I use Pastel Accounting. It’s software specifically designed to make you, the entrepreneur, seem like a complete idiot. It’s written specifically to make the expense of a bookkeeper and accounted seem justified. And in this world of total economic chaos, it’s perhaps the reason why big corporations don’t have a clue as to what their finances look like.

Before I became a “big business” (that is had no staff and wasn’t registered for VAT) I used simple accounting software, called Eezi-Accounts. It was basic. You wrote an invoice and when people paid you, you wrote out a receipt. There was no journal entries, bank reconciliations, PAYE, EMP, VAT and other fuddly stuff to make you seem stupid.

You also had more time to work on your business – which in my case is Internet Marketing – or like GM, to sell cars. Instead, you now have to employ a team of people to do the invoicing and bank reconciliations. This is to make sure you pay your taxes, of course.

So every day I put off Invoice Day. It’s supposed to be the 20th of each month. (it’s now the 30th and invoices are still not out). I simply hate it. Instead of 30 minutes with Eezi-Accounts, it’s an entire day.

And then there’s Pastel. These silly buggers who insist I use a PC to do my accounting (because for some reason they refuse to be available for mac). OK, I know only 7.5% of people in the world use mac – but we’re an intelligent bunch. Maybe it’s because accountants don’t like Macs.

Another alternative (and one which I rather like) is to have Pastel sitting online. I mean, I have a website, I have a server. Let me install it on my own SQL database and access it from my web-browser. This means I can access it on my Macbook, PC, Linux box or even a Sun using Solaris. Doesn’t that make sense?

Not to the people at Pastel! Oh No! Such a move to thin-client, 21st Century computing simply won’t do. We need to force all South Africans back into the stone ages. Using PC and Windows.

Is there an alternative out there? Something online? Something that will let me run my accounts on a thin-client, allow me to invoice from anywhere in the world. And something that won’t cost more than say, $100? Or am I just dreaming?

  1. Dave says:

    I don’t know if this can help you, but here’s a software directory that lists dozens of products that do what you need: http://www.all-finance-software.com .

    30th June 2009 at 4:33 am

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