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Finding Clients during a recession « Free Tips DOT COZA

Finding Clients during a recession


Posted on 23rd July 2009 by Tony in Business Advice

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Every time I speak to a business owner they tell me that they’re just surviving. As long as I can survive this recession I’ll be ok. I must admit that I’ve allowed that kind of thinking to enter my brain too.

The last week I’ve been thinking that if I want things to change I need to look at things differently. Why do I need to survive the recession? Why not Thrive the Recession? Companies like MacDonald’s and Disney were both started in the middle of a Recession! We’re in good company!

So I did a little survey and found that the biggest problem business owners currently have is that they can’t find clients during a recession. This is a biggy. I mean, if you can’t find prospects then you can’t sell, right? Some people are running up huge phone bills trying to “cold call”. I call this strategy “hunting mosquitoes with shot-guns”. We are hoping to get our message out. It’s not effective and it’s incredibly demoralizing.

So is there a better way?

Of course! (Or this would be a pointless post)

I would like to show you an easy-to-implement strategy that will get prospects to look for you, instead of the other way around. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks (as a trial) for a friend and we are finding about 4-10 prospects are contacting US every single day looking for her product. That is surely a lot easier than trying to find clients!

I would like to show you exactly the system works. Please let me know if you’d like a spot as I can only cater for 30 people!

To book your spot, go here: http://internetbusiness.eventbrite.com

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