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Life is not just about business


Posted on 14th August 2009 by Tony in Thoughts

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I must admit that I live a pretty quiet life. I don’t mind. I do get a lot done in a day and I enjoy what I do. My day usually starts at 8am when I stroll into the office (from the kitchen … coffee is rather important). It usually starts with me checking emails, chatting to a few people and then “thinking”.

If I had to define what I do in my day … it’s thinking … and a lot of it too. Each client requires something different. For some it’s a dead-easy GoogleAds campaign. For others it can be a little more complicated, like running a super-cool competition.

But I have come to the realisation that besides 2 trips to the shop and 1 trip the bank (yuck) I have actually not left the house since Monday afternoon.

I got a call from Bettina, my SalesPartner and friend this afternoon about a new Thriller that’s being shown at the local theatre and so I am going to join her. I think it must be about 6 or 7 years since I’ve been and that’s rather sad as I actually love the theatre – it’s so much more fun than the movies.

I have no idea what we’re watching, except that it’s a thriller …

So … life is not just about business … it’s about drama too 🙂theatre5

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