I finally upgraded my iPhone!


Posted on 10th December 2009 by Tony in Free Tip

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I converted to using Apple in January 2007 and absolutely love using Apple Products. In fact, I’m busy typing this post on the very first macbook I ever bought. So, when Apple announced they were developing a mobile phone, I was ecstatic.

Of course, I had to import an iPhone 1.1.2 from the US and have it jailbroken. There are some distinct disadvantages to using a jailbroken phone. Firstly,images you have no access to the itunes store, so you can download any cool apps. And secondly you have to be so careful of bricking the phone. I did it twice to mine!

So yesterday I finally got an iPhone 3GS as I qualified for a free upgrade on my cellphone contract. What a difference! Yes, Yes, call me a late-adopter … but this 3GS is amazing! It’s incredibly fast compared to the iPhone 1.1.2 – the app-store is genius.

My faith in Apple is still unwaivering.

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