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Staff at Game need some Sales Training « Free Tips DOT COZA

Staff at Game need some Sales Training

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Posted on 17th December 2009 by Tony in Random

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gamelogoOn Saturday I saw a dishwasher for sale at Game. It’s a specific model I’ve wanted and it was R300 less than the normal selling price. I’ve been saving up for one, but didn’t have my bank card with me.

Anyway, on Tuesday I return with bank-card in hand only to see the special is over. Now look, I’m in sales. I believe everyone is in sales … and I wanted the dishwasher at the special price.

1. The salesrep was half-insulted that I would actually ask for a discount. (Do I look white-trash?)

2. The manager made me feel like a criminal. He was beyond rude. He told me that he refused to justify a R300 discount to his superiors.

OK, maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole-hill but I have learnt that you’ve got to make a sale. On a R3500 item, R300 is very little, and having a sister in imports/exports, I also know the kind of markup they’re putting on those things.

They did lose the sale. I’ll rather negotiate a better price at Tafelberg, where the staff are friendly and are empowered to negotiate discounts.

To the people at Game: Catch a wake-up call. A customer should be treated with RESPECT, not disdain. And please give your staff proper team/sales training. Next time I’ll be taking photo shots of the insulters.

  1. Charles says:

    I totally agree… sales people at game, are NOT the easiest to deal with, NOR, are they RESPECTFUL!

    Good Article

    17th December 2009 at 11:46 pm

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