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VOIP for small business.


Posted on 15th January 2010 by Tony in Business Advice

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I’ve been using Voice-over-IP (VOIP) for a few years already. Skype has become an integral part of my business especially since I have quite a lot of clients in the UK. I registered for skype-pro and can now call all UK landlines for free. Not bad. The quality of course is a little jittery and I always imagine I’m calling Mars because of all the cosmic delays.

In South Africa there has been a lot of talk about VOX and two days ago I finally decided to go ahead and order myself a VOX account. At R49/month it’s about twice the rate of skype pro and the phone calls are not much cheaper than a telkom landline.

Another downside is the fact that I have to use the VOX router. I would have preferred a stand-alone unit that connects via wifi to my router.

What I do like is the fact that I get paid 20c/minute for calls I receive and the fact that my 087 number is movable. Of course people are wary of 087 … those infamous Telkom Sex-Lines from years ago. We’ll have to see how well the line performs.

I’ll keep you posted to see if it’s worth all the fuss being made.

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