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Apple knows how to market! « Free Tips DOT COZA

Apple knows how to market!


Posted on 27th January 2010 by Tony in Business Advice

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I have been using my Apple Macbook since 2007 and I absolutely love it. I’m one of those Apple Zealots that insist that everyone needs to use an Apple. This is mainly because it means that I would have to deal less with people who have problems with their PCs.

And because I’m a total Poodle, I love toys and gadgets and things that are shiny.

So for the last few months there has been a lot of talk about the Apple Tablet, or what the blogosphere is calling the iSlate – it’s supposed to be Apple’s new innovation.

And you can’t believe how many people are already saving up for a product that doesn’t even exist yet! They don’t even know what it’s called – they just want one. Sometimes I think Apple must embed drugs into the plastic of their goodies, that makes users totally addicted to their product. But I cannot think of any other company that has such a loyal following. Not even Google’s Android phone drummed up as much excitement.

Most Microsoft/PC users are stuck in it because they insist on the price. Some people I know refuse to use Apple because they don’t want to be Evangelists.

I’m still not sure about my feelings on the iSlate. While I think the iPhone is an awesome piece of technology, I’m not sure of my feelings of an expanded version posing as a tablet. The PC-Tablets were, in my opinion, a complete flop. They were highly overpriced and very buggy. Sure, technology has moved along nicely and Apple is sure to surprise, but I’ll reserve judgement on the product.

What does intrigue me is the position that apple has found itself in. Since the launch of the iPod it has such a loyal following and every blog will talk about them. Who needs FTC regulations, right? I think everyone should want to be in that position!

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