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Windows 7 – I feel like a traitor « Free Tips DOT COZA

Windows 7 – I feel like a traitor


Posted on 19th March 2010 by Tony in Random

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Yesterday I did something I never thought I’d ever do … I bought a new PC with Windows 7 on it, because my old Desktop of more than 7 years decided to die on me this morning thanks to a virus.

Since January 2007 I have been using Apple Mac. I am still using the original Macbook I bought back then and have never needed to format it. It has no anti-virus on it … it just works … beautifully. Since then I’ve added another 3 macs and two iPhones to my collection of Apple Products. It’s beautiful and I love it. The integration into my office is awesome.

There are, however, a few hitches:

1. Most importantly, my accounting software, Softline Pastel, does not support mac in any form. I need to have a windows enabled computer to run it. Now, I can run a dualboot option … or even a virtual machine on my macbook, but there’s a secondary problem:

2. None of my printers (I have 3) will work on my macbook. This is because I bought them all before I had any macs. Otherwise I would have bought a printer that supports OSX (most of them do now, anyway). As I upgrade the hardware, I’ll move things around a little.

Of course, having a PC can be useful. It serves as a data-server for the office and a print-server and when the accountant is here she can merrily hum along while playing on Pastel.

But then, yesterday, disaster struck. I got taken out by a trojan who installed some crappy software on my PC demanding $40 to uninstall itself. I have a business to run, and actually would have paid the $40 … if it wasn’t for the fact that it finally killed Milamber (the name of my PC).

So here I am … blogging on my new Windows 7 machine … I feel violated.

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