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I think I’m going to Remainia « Free Tips DOT COZA

I think I’m going to Remainia


Posted on 21st April 2010 by Tony in Random

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I am in serious need of a holiday – only just past mid-April and I am a serious wreck and could do with a get-away experience. Since there’s a long weekend coming up I thought I’d find a suitable B&B to chill in. Taking a look around online, I have to ask … have these B&B operators lost their marbles?

In the UK I can find a nice relaxing B&B with free wifi for around £40 a night, including breakfast … in SA I’d be lucky to get a tent for that! Prices seem to be between R1300 and R4000 a night per person – and that’s not even 5 star and doesn’t even include breakfast!

No wonder FIFA has labeled SA the most expensive World Cup ever. For business travelers, the rates are OK. I mean, the business picks up the tab anyway … but if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway at a nice place that’s out of the city – I’m sorry, but I cannot justify R7000 for a weekend when the same money gets me 4 days at Victoria Falls, a helicopter flip, 5-star accommodation AND the flights to Livingstone.

Cape Town tourism has just become too expensive for locals – and soon International Travelers will realise it’s not worth the 12 hour slog from Europe to get here when you have to pay R19 for a 200ml coke (Waterfront restaurant price).

Come On Guys! Let’s get with the programme – charge a fair price, offer an awesome service and lets see Cape Town Tourism Boom!

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