Germany crush the Argentines


Posted on 3rd July 2010 by Tony in Random


Chancellor Angela Merkel leaps for joy as Germany Wins!

Let me be honest, I’m not a football/soccer fan. I’ve grown up on Rugby, braaivleis and chevrolet. I’m a true-blooded white South African – but this World Cup 2010 has really sparked a feeling of awesomesauce. I can’t believe how amazing soccer has been to totally unite South Africa – first in our global mission to build the infrastructure in time (even the Aussies were telling FIFA they’re a ready backup plan) and then we all got behind Bafana Bafana … and finally BaGhana BaGhana, the Black Stars.

There’s something amazing about being an African – something the Americans and Europeans don’t “get” about us. We’re not normal. Even us whities … we all stick to our tribal roots but at the same time have an incredible spirit of nationhood.

So, from my father’s heritage, my tribe is Ze Germans. I have a huge German Flag flying from the house and even bought German Mirror-Socks for my Audi. (to my staff’s great dismay!) So tonight’s game was absolutely AWESOME. I loved the team work and the precision of the Germans. There were no individuals on the field – only 1 united team with a single purpose. And the outcome – certain victory!

Makes me think about how I run my team at the office! If we want to win in the Work-place, let’s think like the Germans did today!

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