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Germany crush the Argentines « Free Tips DOT COZA

Germany crush the Argentines


Posted on 3rd July 2010 by Tony in Random


Chancellor Angela Merkel leaps for joy as Germany Wins!

Let me be honest, I’m not a football/soccer fan. I’ve grown up on Rugby, braaivleis and chevrolet. I’m a true-blooded white South African – but this World Cup 2010 has really sparked a feeling of awesomesauce. I can’t believe how amazing soccer has been to totally unite South Africa – first in our global mission to build the infrastructure in time (even the Aussies were telling FIFA they’re a ready backup plan) and then we all got behind Bafana Bafana … and finally BaGhana BaGhana, the Black Stars.

There’s something amazing about being an African – something the Americans and Europeans don’t “get” about us. We’re not normal. Even us whities … we all stick to our tribal roots but at the same time have an incredible spirit of nationhood.

So, from my father’s heritage, my tribe is Ze Germans. I have a huge German Flag flying from the house and even bought German Mirror-Socks for my Audi. (to my staff’s great dismay!) So tonight’s game was absolutely AWESOME. I loved the team work and the precision of the Germans. There were no individuals on the field – only 1 united team with a single purpose. And the outcome – certain victory!

Makes me think about how I run my team at the office! If we want to win in the Work-place, let’s think like the Germans did today!

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