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Ask the Right Questions


Posted on 28th June 2011 by Tony in Business Advice

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Back when I was at University I somehow got sucked into selling Amway Products (don’t judge me!) and while I do regret having to sell R56 tubes of toothpaste, I do cherish the learning experiences. One thing can certainly be said about the networks that operate within Amway, it’s that their sales-training is phenomenal. If you can make your way through the training you could sell Ice to an Eskimo (or Inuit/First People if you want to be PC).

One of the major things I learnt with my time at Amway is to Ask the Right Questions.

In any sales environment, asking the Right Questions can lead to a sale. Asking the wrong questions will lead to constant rejection. It’s therefore worth your while to sit down and write out 4 or 5 questions that you want to ask a prospective client that will help you in making the sale.

I spent a session with my Action Coach on creating my questions and have found it helps phenomenally in controlling the conversation. The person who is asking the Questions, controls the conversation.

Even more so when you’re working with an online business or online marketing strategy: What Questions are you asking your prospective clients? Are you leading them to a position where they are interested in making a purchase?

Here are a few questions I like to ask:

Tell me about the kind of marketing you’re doing for your business?

What would your ideal client be?

What is your average closure rate for your current leads?

The trick is to try and keep the questions open. You don’t want people to answer “yes” and “no” because then it’ll feel like an interrogation and not a conversation.

Asking the Right Questions could lead to heaps more sales and heaps more cash-flow for your business. So take out 10 minutes and write down the questions you would ask a prospective client … and use them!

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