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Focusing on your own goals… « Free Tips DOT COZA

Focusing on your own goals…


Posted on 29th February 2012 by Tony in Random |Thoughts


Since my last post on 13 February I’ve promised myself to blog at least once a day … OK, so that plan hasn’t quite worked out. It’s been a really hectic month with February being shy of 2 days so there’s always a “cramp” to get deadlines sorted out. It’s exciting on one-hand, but I could really do with some more sleep.

So sitting around today stressing about everything going on in my life, I have realised that I have wasted a grand total of 2 hours this morning worried about what everyone else is doing instead of focusing on sorting out my own goals. I’ve got my own vision board, 5 year plan and all broken down into monthly and weekly goals …

But amazing how hard it is to focus on my own goals when everyone else’s goals seem like so much more fun!


Does anyone else feel like that?

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